Clean Slate with No Regrets

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

I seldom share videos I have received from someone else on my Facebook page, but today I did.  In the video, someone put up a chalkboard on a busy sidewalk and it had one question 

“What is your biggest regret?” There was chalk for people to write their thoughts. Soon the board was filled with people’s regrets.  There was one thing that was in common with all the regrets.  It was filled with chances NOT taken, words NOT said, dreams never pursued.  Then people were given an eraser and given the opportunity to erase the regrets and start over with a clean slate.

Everyday is a clean slate and opportunity to do the things you will regret not doing!  Decide to take action to start your day with a Clean Slate and see what happens. 

Thanks so much for my New Beginnings Yogi Friends and Mike Waterhouse who took this great picture of our Saturday class at Robson Ranch.